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What's Happening...?

So much has happened with in the past year!

  • I decided 1 year ago on August 10, 2017 that I wanted to try my hand at becoming an entrepreneur.

  • At the end of October 2017, I officially became an incorporated business with an llc.

  • I registered my business with the Maryland Vendor's Association in November 2017.

  • I had parted ways with my previous manufacturer and am in the process of securing a new one.

  • I officially sold my first product directly in December of 2017.

  • I have auditioned twice for Shark Tank. I made it past round 1. I have so much respect for those who make it to air.

  • I've applied for Sports Tank-I was gifted 2 tickets to NYC to attend.  It was an awesome experience. 

  • I am in the patent process!

  • I've met with ... (very large athletic apparel company).  I've submitted my product to them for feedback.

  • I am nearing the final stages of product development and production.

  • I am working on a focus group and product production

  • WELP! I took a LONG ASS BREAK!  Time to get back to it! August 2022.

So many people are curious as to how I came up with this idea.  I have had this notion of how important it is to be observant about my environment and that notion led to this idea as well as many more. I am an educator by trade and we tend to problem-solve.  So, this is my solution to the SWEAT epidemic.


Being a former elite at T.C. Williams, LSU and UMCP allowed me to interact with some of the greatest athletes of all time and I realized that, "WE ARE SWEATY!"

We all sweat! Yet, I noticed (myself included) that we use our shirts to wipe our sweat-but it leaves a wet mark or stain.  Frankly, our shirts are not absorbent enough to pull away moisture and keep us dry.  

While watching my favorite basketball team (I will keep them nameless ☀️), everyone was hunched over, using their jerseys to wipe their sweat.  I saw it again at the gym, field, work, outside walking, and seemingly everywhere I turned.  I couldn't stop thinking about sweaty people.  The next time my team played, I saw them again-hunched over using their jersey's to wipe their sweat.  

That is when I knew I had to solve this problem.  I grabbed my iPad Pro and iPencil and started sketching out solutions.  I've gone trough quite a few rounds and I am almost at the end.

I hope that I provide you with a product that will forever change your sweat experience. 

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